The period of time following a surgery creates a lot of challenges to any patient. Whether it was a simple surgery or complex and invasive, there will often be a long recovery period while your body tries to heal from the injury or affliction, and the surgery itself.

It can be difficult for a patient to rest and wait for the body to recover before they can return to their normal level of functioning. Physiotherapy with Physio Art can help you reach this level as quickly as possible, while minimizing any side effects or complications from the surgery.

At Physio Art, we understand how hard this can be for many people. In some cases, people try to jump back into their normal routine and movement too quickly after surgery and can cause more damage and complications. We are committed to finding treatment options that will improve your mobility, reduce your pain, and return to your highest level of functioning post-surgery.

We offer physiotherapy for the following areas post-surgery, among others:

  • Shoulder
  • Elbow
  • Wrist / Hand
  • Hip
  • Knee
  • Calf
  • Ankle / Foot
  • Spine / Neck / Back

Whether you’re about to undergo surgery, have recently had surgery, or are struggling with long-term complications from a previous surgery, our highly trained and experienced staff can help you with the recovery process from start to finish. We are committed to providing you with the best recovery experience possible.

The Approaches and Techniques

At Physio Art Rehabilitation, we focus on the client’s experience. We understand that each surgery is different and each person’s reactions or complications are different as well. That’s why on your first visit to Physio Art, we’ll perform a personal assessment to understand your unique needs and challenges. Physiotherapists are trained to provide the best treatments for patients after each surgery to target specific muscle groups and movements.

We will work with you over the long-term to ensure that your rehabilitation and care is complete. Treatment as well as future injury prevention are key for successful physiotherapy post-surgery. Being unable to live at your highest form of functioning can take a toll on your mental well-being as well. We know that your mind and body are intrinsically linked and we will work to keep both healthy and happy.

Our Therapy and Recommendations

Our physiotherapists can perform a number of customized therapies depending on your needs. Recovery extends beyond the clinic, which is why we can also make recommendations for you to implement into your daily life as well to help aid in your recovery.

Our physiotherapists can provide the physiotherapy after surgery to help with:
Restore mobility
Strengthen weakened muscles from disuse
Improve co-ordination
Increase range of motion and flexibility

After surgery, it’s important to take recovery slowly. Our physiotherapists can customize a treatment plan depending on which of these aspects you need to focus on the most. With massage therapy, stretching, manual therapy, acupuncture, medication, assistive devices, and more, Physio Art can find a therapy that’s right for you.

In addition to therapies performed in our clinic, there are a number of recommendations our physiotherapists can make depending on your lifestyle and particular challenges. Recommended stretches or exercises for after surgery, diet, or daily practices can help your body stretch and your mind relax to help with the recovery process.

We look at your entire lifestyle when making recommendations and choosing therapy to choose the practices that will make the biggest impact and help with the fastest, safest recovery after your surgery.

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If you’ve recently had surgery, are suffering from complications from a previous surgery, or are going to undergo surgery in the future, contact Physio Art Rehabilitation to see how our physiotherapy after surgery services can help you.

Always make sure to consult your physician about how soon you should start physiotherapy after surgery.

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