One of the most common reasons people receive physiotherapy is for back pain relief, neck pain relief, or joint pain treatment. This type of pain is all too common in people across age groups and lifestyles. While having a variety of causes, pain in these areas can be debilitating, frustrating, and impede everyday life. Physiotherapy for back pain, neck pain, or joint pain can help after surgery, accidents, injuries, or simply with pain and stiffness associated with daily activities.

At Physio Art, we seek to get you back to your highest level of functioning. Through education, action, and prevention, we can reduce or completely eliminate your back, neck and joint pain and give you long-lasting pain relief. We’ll see you through the recovery process from start to finish to ensure you get complete care and rehabilitation.

Our Approach

At Physio Art, we will find the physiotherapy treatment plan that’s right for you. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your back, neck, and joint pain won’t control your life.
We believe in personalized treatment plans based on your needs. We will get to know you and understand your pain, limitations, and goals to create a custom plan for you. We also work as part of a team of practitioners for your recovery and can consult with doctors, nurses, and any other members of your recovery team.

We can provide education about preventing neck, back, and joint pain. Suggestions like keeping good posture and ergonomic tips for the office or home can be very helpful in reducing these symptoms. In discussion with you, we can find out ways to improve your daily functioning to prevent pain from progressing or returning.

Our skilled physiotherapists also manual therapy. They will manipulate, stimulate, and mobilize your body tissue to relieve stiffness and pain. It can be completed in large or specific areas, depending on the source and severity of the pain. Physiotherapy can also help improve mobility, which can be especially difficult when back pain or joint pain is involved. We can recommend stretches and exercises to be performed between physiotherapy appointments to help you recover.

Our other services include acupuncture and orthotics which can treat the underlying causes of some back, neck, and joint pain. Licensed chiropractors can also perform adjustments to relieve stress and restore function.

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If you’re looking for neck pain relief, joint pain treatment, or back pain relief, Physio Art Rehabilitation can help you treat the cause and eliminate the pain.

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